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Create a Course

ClassX offers a powerful course creation system that lets you create multi-level courses quickly. The ClassX course builder provides an easy, intuitive way to build out your courses. You can add new sections, lessons, topics, and quizzes without ever leaving the page. This article explains how to use every aspect of the course builder to make creating and editing courses a breeze.

Example Course Page

example course page

Access the Add a Course Page

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the Gear icon in the top menu.
  2. Hover over Courses (If you click on Courses, it will take you to a list of your courses).
  3. Click on Add a Course.
add a course

Course Creation Page

  1. Add a course title
  2. Add some course content, such as a course introduction and course objectives or outcomes.
  3. Add a short description of your course. This is what you will see as a description for your course wherever your course is listed.
  4. In the sidebar, add a featured image for your course. The featured image is a square image that represents your course (minimum 170 x 170px).
  5. Add a cover image. The cover image is a rectangular image that sits above the course content (1300 x 225px or larger).
course page
course featured image and cover photo
Updated on August 13, 2021