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Edit a Group

Access Your Groups

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Select the Group You'd Like to Edit

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Group Menu

On your group page, you will see the group menu.

The group menu consists of:

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Manage Group Options

Under the Manage tab you will be able to change the settings of your group.

The menu consists of:

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Connecting a Zoom Account to a ClassX Social Group

After enabling the Zoom integration, group organizers can connect their zoom account to social groups and start scheduling meetings.

  1. As a group organizer, go to a group’s page and then click the Manage > Zoom tab.
  2. In the Group Zoom Settings, mark the checkbox to connect a Zoom account to this social group.
  3. In the Group Permissions, select the members who are allowed to create, edit and delete Zoom meetings.
    You can allow all members OR organizers and moderators only OR organizers only to create, edit and delete Zoom meetings within that group.
  4. In the Zoom API Credentials settings, enter the Zoom API Key, Zoom API Secret, Zoom Account Email, and Verification token for the JWT app you created from your Zoom Account page.
    You can click the Setup Wizard button for step by step instruction for creating the JWT app from your Zoom account.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.

Each group organizer can connect their own Zoom account to a social group to avoid meeting conflicts since one Zoom account cannot have multiple meetings running at the same time.

Zoom Setup Wizard

Updated on August 13, 2021