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Edit Profile

Access Your Profile

Editing your profile on ClassX is very easy.

From your dashboard, there are three ways you can access your profile:

  1. Click on the Profile menu item in the side menu.
  2. Click on your name or avatar in the top menu and select Profile from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the Complete Profile button.
access your profile

Edit Your Profile

You can fill in and edit as many of the profile fields as you like. However, if you are a tutor who would like to find students on ClassX, we suggest you fill in as many fields as possible.

Privacy Settings

Please note that every field can be set. The privacy options include:

  • Public (includes users that are not signed into ClassX)
  • All Members (Only users that are signed into ClassX)
  • My Connections (Only the users with whom you have connected)
  • Only Me
edit profile

Profile Details

In the Profile Details tab, you can can edit the following information:

First Name

Fill in your first name. This is a required field.

Last Name

Fill in your last name. This is not a required field.


Fill in your username. This is a required field and it must be a unique username.

Profile Type

Change your profile type.  If you signed up to ClassX with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social login, you will automatically be assigned a Student profile. You can change your profile to a Teacher or Parent here.

This is a required field.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Edit Teacher Introduction

Here you can edit your personal information as well as your perspective on teaching. This information can be important for your students, potential students, parents, as well as potential employers.

edit teacher introduction

Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself as a human being as well as a teacher.

Your Perspective on Teaching

What is your perspective on teaching?

Your Birthday

We sometimes reward our members on their birthdays. In order to qualify for that, you need to fill in your birthday here.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Edit Tutor Information

If you’d like to be an online tutor and attract students through through ClassX, this information will be of vital importance.

edit tutor information


Select whether you are an Online Tutor, a Classroom Teacher, or both.

Students will be able to search for tutors according to the criteria set out her on the Members page.


Which subjects do you teach? Select one or more subjects from the list. If you do not see the subject you teach in the list, please contact us to request an addition.


Select the grades you teach from the list.

Tutor Price

How much do you charge for tutoring? Add the price in Xcoins, as this is the currency students will be paying you. This is only a guide for students to find tutors in their price range. The final price will be negotiated between you and the student.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Edit Education History Details

Here you can add your education history.

edit education information

Click on Add Another to add an educational institute from which you graduated. You will be able to add multiple institutions.

add education institution

Education Institution

Fill in the name of the institution you graduated from.

Date of Graduation

Select the date that you graduated from the institution.

Field of Study

Fill in your field of study.


Add a list of all the achievements you achieved at this institution.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Edit Employment History Details

edit employment history details

Press Add Another to add information about your past and present employment.

add employment institution or company


Fill in the name of the institution or organization you have worked at.


What was your role within the institution or organization?


What were your responsibilities within the institution or organization?


Select the years that you worked at the institution or organization.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Edit Professional Skills Details

edit prodessional skills

Start by pressing the Edit button and adding information about your professional skill.

Press Add Another to add information about your other professional skills.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Select Interests

edit interests

Select your interests from the drop-down menu.

Should you not see your interest in the menu, please contact us and request an addition.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Edit Social Media Profiles

edit social media profile information

Add the URL for each of your social media profiles.

Please remember to Save Changes.

Updated on August 19, 2021