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Embed Content from 100+ Sources

What Does Embed Mean?

You’ve probably seen content embedded on other websites. It’s not uncommon to see Twitter cards embedded in news articles, or even Instagram or Facebook posts. So, instead of saying, “Go read this tweet, it’s super funny” you could simply say, “I found this funny” and embed the tweet so it shows up right on the page. It will display as a Twitter ‘card,’ which looks much like the actual tweet looks on the Twitter site.

The purpose of embedding content is to keep your students on your course pages, make the experience better for the students, and ideally, to gain more loyal students. Rather than sending your students off to some other site, you keep them where your course content is and keep them engaged so they stay with you longer and return more often.

Now you can embed content from over one hundred sources from across the internet straight into your courses.

Embed Sources

Updated on August 17, 2021