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Groups and Classes

ClassX offers teachers and administrators the ability to create all kinds of groups, such as institutions, schools, departments, classes, social clubs, etc. Best of all is that these groups can be hierarchical, meaning for instance that a school can have departments as subgroups, and the departments can have classes and social groups as subgroups. Classes can then further be divided into cohorts.

The nested groups feature also means that higher level group administrators have access to all the reports of groups nested under theirs. A school administrator can see all the reports of all the students enrolled in the subgroups of the school group, and the same goes for department administrators with multiple classes and teachers with multiple cohorts in a class.

Every group created in the ClassX LMS will automatically have a social group where users can interact with each other, follow and befriend each other, and share documents, pictures, and videos with each other.

Updated on August 13, 2021