L2 Lesson 29


Vocabulary and Dialogue – p.1

Vocabulary Anagrams

Vocabulary: Definition Matching


Reading Comprehension

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns – p.2

Pronoun Table

Pronoun Matching

Pronoun Quiz

Pronoun Game Show

Pronoun Pacman

Phonics – p. 3

Matching: Rhyming Pairs

Crossword: Fill in the Blanks

Grammar: Irregular Verbs – p.5

Group Sort: Irregular vs. Regular Verbs

Maze Chase: Past Tense

Whack – a – Mole

Writing: Story Response (Opinionative Paragraph) – p. 6

Sentence Order and Paragraph Structure

Example Paragraph

Write an opinionative paragraph about the DR story – Not So Alike. Here is an example. You still need to choose a word from the words in brackets and fill in your own words in the blank spaces.

Not So Alike is a (great / strange / funny / good / bad) story about May and Shay that are very alike. They like the same (things / stuff / activities), they eat the same (things / food / foodstuffs / meals), and they even wear the same (clothes / outfits / clothing / attire). But when Shay wants to buy a (second-hand bicycle / used bicycle / second-hand bike / used bike) , May says she wants to be (different / unique / distinct). She wants to buy a (second-hand basketball / used basketball). Mom gets a great deal and everyone is (content / cheerful / happy / joyful / jovial). I think May and Shay ______________.

Decodable Reader

Not So Alike

Corduroy and Will

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