L2 Lesson 30


Vocabulary and Dialogue – p.1


Vocabulary: Definitions and Spelling

Go through the flashcards and learn the new words. Remember that you can listen to the words by clicking on the speaker icon.

Vocabulary: Whack-a-Mole


Unjumble the Reading

Reading and Vocabulary Blooket Game

Adjectives & Adverbs – p. 2

Adjectives and Adverbs Video


Fill In the blanks


Find the Adverb Game

Phonics – p. 3

Matching Game

EE or EA?

Compare and Contrast – p. 5

Then vs. Now

Past or Present Game

Persuasive Writings – p. 6

What is Persuasive Writing

Brainstorming Topics

Planning & Pre-Writing

Developing Reasons

Fact vs. Opinion Game

Review Game

Review page 6 lesson above by playing the game.

Decodable Reader

A Picnic Problem

Polly Poodle

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