L3 Lesson 18



Vocabulary – Crossword



Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary Verb Match

Auxiliary Verb & Main Verb

Auxiliary Verb Game Show

Spelling Words

Spelling Word Search

Verb Tenses

Fill in the Verb Chant

Review Present and Past Perfect Tenses

Complete the Sentences

  1. My friend has __________________ three times this week.
  2. My teacher had __________________ last week but didn’t tell us.
  3. I have always __________________ because I am __________________.
  4. I had __________________ when I was small because __________________.
  5. We had __________________ so that __________________.

Change Sentence Tense

P5 Drawing

Start by doing the writing exercise on page 6. Then draw your planet on page 5.

P6 Writing

The environment of Centauri Maximus

As I (looked / peeked) up at the (pink / grey / purple / blue / orange) sky filled with (black / red / blue / green) clouds, I could see the (mushroom / house / strawberry / frog)-shaped trees that seemed to (touch / kiss) the sky. In the distance, I could see (a black hole / ten different moons / the nebula / UFOs) even in bright daylight. It was (a beautiful / an amazing / a wonderful / a scary) sight. Humongous (finger / octopus / jellyfish / ball / dinosaur)-shaped mountains dotted the landscape. The land was covered in huge (flowers / alien mushrooms / red rocks / ten-meter high pink grass). The (pink / blue / purple / black / white) sea was very (calm / rough / scary).

The creatures of Centauri Maximus

Alien insects as big as (buses / cars / horses / dogs) were flying around, scaring the (two / three / multi)-headed aliens trying to live (on the ground / in the caves / under the trees / in the mushrooms). Every now and then a (dinosaur / dragon / monster) would appear in the sky, just waiting to catch its (breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner / supper). Lots of (weird / beautiful / scary / happy) animals lived among them. Under the sea, there were a lot of (super-scary / huge / weird / dangerous) sea animals that would eat anything they came across.

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