L4 Lesson 22


Reading: Hamilton

Hamilton Musical

On January 20, 2015, Broadway was shaken by an American Revolution that changed the face of theater forever as the new musical, Hamilton, had its premiere at the Public Theater in New York City.

Popular theater is famous for its over-the-top spectacles and show-stopping performances, with moving stories of witches and phantoms, cats, and lion kings. Mormons and Miserables– but never before had a show lit up that famous avenue like Hamilton— Lin-Manual Miranda’s dazzling hip-hop musical about politics during a disorderly period at the birth of the United States.

The story revolves around some of the true events in the short lifetime of Alexander Hamilton, and other political candidates in the U.S. legislature as they cross paths, cross swords, and prepare to duel to the death over old arguments and new ideas for a very young nation.

People were surprised that modern critics would approve of such an unusual mix of American history, hip-hop styling, and black actors playing the leading roles like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

The writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, denied that he was trying to make anything other than a great musical with great songs that would speak to Americans today. But President Obama praised Hamilton and invited the cast to perform at the White House. The voice of hip-hop was recognized as the voice of America’s past and its future.

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Hamilton Songs

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