L4 Lesson 23




Punctuation Exercise 1

Punctuation Exercise 2


Ex is a prefix that means “out, out of, from.” Examples using this prefix include exceed, eject, and eccentric. An easy way to remember that the prefix ex- means “out” is through the word exit, for when you exit a room, you go “out” of it.

The prefix inter- means “between.” This prefix appears in numerous English vocabulary words, such as Internet, interesting, and interview. An easy way to remember that the prefix inter- means “between” is through the word international, for international competitions occur “between” nations.

The prefix pre-, which means “before,” appears in numerous English vocabulary words, for example: predict, prevent, and prefix! An easy way to remember that the prefix pre- means “before” is through the word prevent, for when you come “before” something else to stop it from happening, you prevent it.

Combine a prefix and a base word to make a word. Then use a dictionary to check if the word is a real word or not.

Example 1: ex + haust = exhaust -> This is a real word.

Example 2: ex + vent = exvent -> This is not a real word.

Prefixes – Spot the Real Words


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