With EmbedPress, you can easily embed any Youtube Videos in Gutenberg Editor and increase video views for your YouTube channel.

Get Started With EmbedPress Youtube Block

Follow this step by step guides to embed any YouTube video in your WordPress site, using the EmbedPress Youtube Block for Gutenberg.

Step 1: Select EmbedPress Youtube Block

Go to the Gutenberg post editor where you want to embed YouTube videos. Click on the ‘+’ icon and then search for Youtube from the search bar.

Youtube video in Gutenberg

Choose the EmbedPress Youtube Block.

After clicking on this block, you should see the default layout shown below.

Youtube video in Gutenberg

Step 2: Copy the URL of the Youtube Video

Go to Youtube and copy the URL of the video that you want to embed in your blog post.

Youtube video in Gutenberg

Alternatively, you can right-click inside the video and click on Copy video URL.

Step 3: Paste the Youtube Video URL

Now that you have the link to the Youtube video you want to embed, simply paste the URL into the input field and click ‘Embed’.

Youtube videos in Gutenberg


Google Slides is a presentation program and it is a part of a free, web-based software office suite provided by Google along with its Google Drive service. It helps users to create, edit and upload presentations online while collaborating with other users in real-time.

You can embed Google Slides in WordPress, but it is not simple to embed by using standard methods. EmbedPress is a different and unique plugin. With EmbedPress, you don’t need to entangle around with embed codes. All you need is the URL of the presentation that you have published on Google slides.

Here’s how to embed any Google Slides into your WordPress site, using the EmbedPress plugin and a URL.

Step #1. Install The EmbedPress Plugin

EmbedPress is a very helpful plugin that increases and improves the embed capabilities of WordPress. Install EmbedPress in your WordPress site and it will become far more powerful.

Step #2. Set Up Your Google Slides

Before you can embed your Google Slides into WordPress, you need to make sure that it is published and visible to others to see.

  • Go to the Google Slides account.
  • You can either create or upload your presentation you want to embed.
  • Click on the File option, and choose “Publish to the Web” in the dropdown.
Publish your Google Slides embed for use in WordPress
  • Click the yellow “Publish” button, as shown in the image:
Publish Google Slides embed for use in WordPress
  • Click on “OK” button in the dialog box that appears after clicking on the publish button.
  • Google will now give you a URL for the document. Copy this URL. You can use this link to embed it in your WordPress site.
Publish Google Slides embed for use in WordPress

Before you go any further, let’s check that your URL can be embedded on other sites …

Paste the URL into a different browser where you aren’t logged into Google. Can you still see the presentation? If you can’t, then the Google Sheets file hasn’t been correctly published to the web.

Step #3. Embed Google Slides & Publish in WordPress

Now you have the Google Slides URL, you can add it to WordPress.

  • Go to your WordPress site.
  • Edit a post or page.
  • Click the + icon in the editing area.
  • Search for the “Google Slides” block in the “EmbedPress” area:
  • Enter the URL for your Google Slides presentation:
  • Click the “Embed” button and you’ll now see your Google Slides embed:
Create a Google Slides embed in WordPress
  • Publish your WordPress content, and your Google sheet will be embedded, as in the image below:
Post a Google Slides embed in WordPress

Step #4. Edit Your Google Slides Embed

You can now change the Google slide embed URL, in addition to that, you can also modify the width and height of the embed according to your needs.

While editing your WordPress content, you can also edit your embed, thanks to EmbedPress.

  • Hover over the embed, and a pencil icon will appear. This icon will show “Edit URL” if you hover over it.
  • Click the pencil and you will be able to edit your embed:
Embed Google Slides WordPress


You can easily embed documents and PDF into your WordPress website with just a single click. The ultimate embedding solution brings you a fully responsive EmbedPress PDF block for Gutenberg editor and an EmbedPress PDF widget to help you embed any PDF on the Elementor page builder.

Similarly, you will also get a ‘Document’ block and widget to help you embed documents in any format – be it a PowerPoint presentation, a spreadsheet, a Word document, or more. 

Follow these steps given below to embed documents and PDF of any file type in ClassX.

Step 1: Insert EmbedPress PDF Block

Create a new post or page from your WordPress dashboard and click on the ‘+’ icon on top of the web page or anywhere in your content area of the Gutenberg editor. Search for ‘PDF’ or ‘EmbedPress’, and select the EmbedPress PDF block, as shown below.

embed document and PDF

Step 2: Upload Your PDF Or Document

To embed your PDF or documents, simply click on the ‘Media Library’ button and choose the PDF that you want to embed on WordPress. EmbedPress will automatically upload the embedded PDF or document file into your post or page.

embed document and PDF

Step 3: Edit & Publish Your PDF 

You can add some customization and choose how you want to showcase your embedded PDF or document. You can adjust the width and height of your PDF from the options under the Block tab on your right-hand side. You can also toggle to hide the ‘Powered By EmbedPress’ text if you want.

embed document and PDF

When you are done, publish and preview your WordPress content, and a fully responsive PDF or document file will be available for your website visitors to view. 

embed document and PDF


How To Collect Your WordWall Lesson URL?

To collect the activity URL, visit the WordWall website and sign in using your login credentials. 

embed WordWall lessons

Next, click on the WordWall lessons or activities you want to embed onto your site and copy the URL from the address bar. You can also click on the ‘Share’ button and copy the link from the pop-up, as shown below. 

embed WordWall lessons

EmbedPress comes with its own block for embedding any type of content using Gutenberg. To embed Wordwall lessons or activities using Gutenberg, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Insert An EmbedPress Block 

Click on the ‘+’ icon on your post content area in the Gutenberg editor and select the ‘EmbedPress’ block. You can also insert EmbedPress from the ‘Add Block’ button at the top of the page. 

embed WordWall lessons

Step 2: Enter the URL into the block

Now paste the collected WordWall activity URL on the input field and click on the ‘Embed’ button. Your URL will automatically be transformed into an embed of your WordWall lesson file. 

embed WordWall lessons

Publish your WordPress content, and the WordWall activity file will be embedded on the published page or post for your users to see.

Step 3: Edit Your Lesson Embed

You can also quickly modify your embedded lesson in WordPress, thanks to EmbedPress. To edit the embed on the Gutenberg editor, click on the EmbedPress block on your editor. 

embed WordWall lessons

You can change the dimensions of the embedded lesson file and modify it the way you need with absolute ease on the block customizer that will appear on the side panel of the editor. 

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