L1 Lesson 25


Vocabulary – p.1

Learn New Vocabulary

Vocabulary Hang Man

Vocabulary Spelling

Vocabulary Anagrams

Sentence Game

Reading – p.1

Reading Fill in the Blanks

Comprehension Quiz

Grammar: Contractions – p. 2

Matching Game

Sentences With Contractions

Phonics – p.3

The Sound of Ou/Ow

The Sound of Oi/Oy

The Sound of Aw/Au

Sentence Unjumble

Vocabulary Unscramble

Mind Map – p.5

Design Your Dream Bedroom


Writing and Conversation – p.6

Answer the questions on page 6 and then write a paragraph about your dream bedroom. Finally, tell your friend about your dream bedroom.

Decodable Reader

Scout and Count Reading

Listen to the Scout and Count recording while you read.

Scout and Count Practice Questions

Shawn’s Toys Reading

Listen to the Shawn’s Toys recording while you read.

Shawn’s Toys Practice Questions


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