L2 Lesson 21



Vocabulary Flashcards

Vocabulary Crossword – p.1

Spelling Maze – p.1


Reading Word Search – p.1

Grammar: Adjective Order

Adjective Order Video Lesson

Sentence Unjumble – Adjective Order – p.2

Adjective Order Practice

Whack-A-Mole: Adjective Types – p.2

Phonics: Controlled Vowels er / ir / ur

Controlling R Video Lesson

Matching Game: Synonyms/Definitions – p. 3

Mind Map: Word Associations

True/False – Word Associations – p. 5

Writing: Present Perfect Questions

Present Perfect Tense Video Lesson

Quiz: Present Perfect Q & A – p.6

Decodable Reader – Mustangs

Mustangs – Review Game

Find the mistakes.

Decodable Reader – Time to Move

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