L2 Lesson 22



Learn the New Vocabulary

Vocabulary Crossword – p.1

Vocabulary Anagrams – p.1


Dialogue Role Play

Dialogue (Fill in the Blanks) – p.1

Comparatives & Superlatives – p.2

Comparative Adjectives True/False – p.2

Comparative Adjective Quiz – p.2

Homophones – p.3

Play the Game…

Homophone Matching – p.3

Homophone Missing Words – p.3


Comparatives: Sentence Unjumble – p.5

Comparatives and Superlatives: True/False – p.5

Play Comparative and Superlative Game…

Subject/Verb Agreement – p.6

Subject Verb Agreement Game

Play the Game ↗

Decodable Reader

What’s That?

What’s That? Review

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