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Is It Possible To Lose Weight Fast

The article discusses the Victorian tapeworm diet and its similarities to modern fad diets that promise rapid weight loss. It compares the approaches of two hypothetical twins, one aiming for slow weight loss through a gradual reduction in calorie intake and increased exercise, and the other opting for drastic calorie restriction. The article highlights the negative impacts of extreme diets and emphasizes the importance of adopting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle instead.


Gibberish, Urine, And Utter Chaos – What Happens When You Sleepwalk

Sleepwalking is a common phenomenon that occurs during the deepest stage of non-REM sleep. Sleepwalkers are able to perform basic tasks and can sometimes engage in more complex activities like cooking or driving. The exact causes of sleepwalking are not fully understood, but factors such as stress, sleep disorders, and sedatives can increase the likelihood. Treatment options include promoting healthy sleep habits, implementing safety measures, and considering medication if necessary. If encountering a sleepwalker, it is best to gently guide them back to bed and ensure their safety until the episode resolves.


3 Ways To End A Virus

The article discusses the clash between the Alpha and Delta variants of the coronavirus. Using a hypothetical scenario, it explains how the more transmissible Delta variant outcompetes and drives the Alpha variant towards extinction. The article also explores the ways in which viruses can go extinct, including running out of hosts, killing all hosts, or being outcompeted by another virus or strain. It concludes by discussing the possibility of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, going extinct and the potential for a universal vaccine to prevent all infections.


How Stretching Actually Changes Your Muscles

The article discusses the importance of stretching for athletes to prevent injuries such as muscle strains and tears. It explains the different types of stretching and how muscles change under the stress of being stretched. The benefits of stretching include improved flexibility and a better range of motion, but it is important to maintain a regular stretching regimen to see long-term improvements.


The Surprising Secret To A Healthier Gut

The article discusses the practice of fecal microbial transplantation, which involves introducing a new batch of microorganisms into the intestines to reset the gut microbiome. This treatment is currently used experimentally to combat antibiotic-resistant gut infections, but promising research suggests that fecal transplants could have potential applications in treating other conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, and depression. However, there is still much to learn about the optimal composition of the gut microbiome and the most effective use of fecal transplants.


Why Do We Have Crooked Teeth When Our Ancestors Didn’t

Ancient skulls have been found to have perfectly straight teeth, in contrast to the dental issues commonly seen in modern humans such as crooked teeth and impacted wisdom teeth. Scientists believe that this shift is due to changes in lifestyle and diet, particularly the decrease in jawbone size and the introduction of processed foods. This hypothesis is supported by studies on animals and variations in tooth crowding across global populations.

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Is It Normal To Talk To Yourself?

The article discusses the normality of self-talk and its importance in our daily lives. It explains that self-talk refers to the narration inside our heads and that it is a common behavior that most people engage in. The article also explores the development of self-talk, its impact on attitude and performance, the power of positive and negative self-talk, and how cognitive behavioral therapy can help regulate self-talk.


4 Epidemics That Almost Happened But Didn’t

The article discusses the importance of effective epidemic response systems in controlling outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola. It highlights the example of Guinea, which successfully controlled a 2021 Ebola outbreak through a revamped response system that included early detection, contact tracing, rapid testing, border screenings, and community mobilization. The article emphasizes the need for tailored response strategies based on the nature of the disease and the context of each country, as well as the importance of community involvement and continuous investment in health infrastructure.


Food Expiration Dates Don’t Mean What You Think

The article discusses the issue of food waste, particularly in the United States, where 37% of food waste comes from individual households. It highlights the confusion around food labels and expiration dates, with many consumers throwing away perfectly safe food items because they are unsure how to interpret the dates. The article suggests implementing standardized date labels and incentivizing grocers and restaurants to donate unsold food as potential solutions to reduce food waste.


Which Is Better For You, Real Meat Or Fake Meat?

A survey found that nearly two-thirds of Americans have eaten plant-based meat alternatives, motivated by health and environmental benefits. However, the article notes that there is not enough data to determine if plant-based meats have the same health benefits as replacing red meat with other options. Plant-based meat substitutes have a significantly lower environmental impact than farmed meat, but it remains uncertain how much lab-grown meat will reduce the environmental impact of the meat industry. Overall, if individuals care about animal welfare, public health, and the environment, plant-based meat alternatives are recommended.

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