Phonics Learn to Read With Alphablocks

Who better to show you how words work than the alphabet brought to life!

Alphablocks, of course!

Alphablocks is the hit show that’s helping millions of young children learn to read. The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who fall out of the sky and discover that if they hold hands and make a word, it comes to life. With songs, silliness and exciting adventures, children quickly learn all their letter sounds and master hundreds of words!

Alphablocks is a step-by-step reading programme grouped neatly into five colour-coded levels. Each level introduces new letters and letter teams along with new phonics ideas and key skills. Alphablocks uses best-practice systematic synthetic phonics developed with literacy experts and aligned to the EYSF (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework and KS1 curriculum. It is compatible with all major UK reading schemes and has helped millions of young children around the world to learn to read.

Alphablocks Phonics Course - Learn to Read
Alphablocks Lowercase a
Alphablocks Lowercase l
Alphablocks Lowercase p
Alphablocks Lowercase h
Alphablocks Lowercase a
Alphablocks Lowercase b
Alphablocks Lowercase l
Alphablocks Lowercase o
Alphablocks Lowercase c
Alphablocks Lowercase k
Alphablocks Lowercase s

Red Level One

Orange Level Two

Yellow Level Three

Alphablocks Phonics Stickers



Learning Outcomes

The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. Join the Alphablocks for a fun filled journey into reading, from first meeting the alphabet to reading words like ‘alphabet’.


First Steps

Level one is all about recognising the sounds that each letter makes. Children meet the letters in an order that allows them to start making words straight away − using sounding out and blending skills: saying the sounds that each letter makes and blending them together to make words. This level also helps children master the key skill of segmenting, breaking words they hear down into letter sounds.


Next Steps

Level two introduces the less common letters and rounds out the alphabet. Once your child knows all their letters and letter sounds, they can enjoy making and reading lots of simple words. They’ll also meet the capital letters and letter names.


Letter Teams

Level three introduces children to letter teams − two letters that join to make one sound, such as sh and ch, oo and ee. These are also known as digraphs. And they meet three-letter teams, such as igh and air − also known as trigraphs.


Letter Blends

Level four is all about letter blends − two consonants that make both of their sounds when they appear together (instead of a new single sound). Blends can be at the start of a word (such as st-, bl- or tr-) or at the end (such as -nd, -mp and -sk ). And there are three letter blends too: (such as spl- and str-) They are also known as consonant clusters.


Long Vowels

Level five is a big step − time to discover that there are different ways to make the long vowel sounds. We meet Magic E, who shows how split digraphs work: a vowel and e combine to make the long vowel sound (such as a-e in cake and o-e in home). And children complete their journey from meeting the alphabet to reading words like ‘alphabet’ with confidence.

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