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Mao Zedong’s Infamous Mango Cult

In 1968, Chairman Mao Zedong gifted factories across China with fresh mangoes, leading to a frenzy of speculation and rituals surrounding the fruit. However, this seemingly harmless gesture was actually a propaganda tool during the Cultural Revolution, a dark period of violence and repression in Chinese history. The mango fever eventually faded, but discussion of the Cultural Revolution remains restricted in China today.


What Is Juneteenth And Why Is It Important

The article tells the story of Charlotte Brooks, a young enslaved woman who learned about the abolition of slavery and bravely proclaimed her freedom, escaping with her daughter. It provides a brief overview of the history of slavery in the United States, the abolitionist movement, and the significance of Juneteenth as a celebration of emancipation.

Grade 10

One Of The Most Dangerous Men In American History

David Walker, a free Black man in the 19th century, stitched a pamphlet titled “Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World” into the lining of a sailor’s coat and smuggled it throughout the United States. The pamphlet, which advocated for the liberation of enslaved Black Americans and connected American abolitionism with global movements for Black liberation, was considered one of the most dangerous documents in American history and inspired future leaders in the Black resistance movement.

Grade 10

One Of The Most Banned Books Of All Time

Maya Angelou’s memoir, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,” has faced numerous challenges and bans due to its explicit content and exploration of sensitive topics such as sexual assault and racism. However, supporters argue that the book’s themes of censorship, silence, and the importance of confronting uncomfortable realities make it a valuable and necessary read for young people. Despite the controversy, the memoir has become one of the most taught non-fiction texts in US high school English classes.

Grade 10

What If You Experienced Every Human Life In History

The article explores the concept of reincarnation and the impact of multiple lifetimes on an individual. It highlights the significance of ordinary lives and everyday tasks, as well as major historical events. It also discusses the acceleration of existence and the power and danger of technology. The article concludes by posing questions about the future and the potential for creating a better future for all.

Grade 6

6 Myths About The Middle Ages That Everyone Believes

The article debunks common myths and misconceptions about medieval Europe. It explains that medieval people were not ignorant or uneducated, they had methods for preserving food and practiced hygiene, and many supposedly medieval torture devices were actually more recent inventions. The article also discusses how perceptions of the Middle Ages have varied throughout history.


Epic Battles, Burials, And Races – How Horses Changed Everything

The article discusses the historical fascination with horses and their significant role in human history. It explores the origins and evolution of horses, the domestication of horses, the advent of horseback riding, horses in ancient cultures, the spread of riding technologies, horses in modern times, and the impact of horses on society. Despite the challenges and changes brought by modern transportation, humans have maintained their relationships with horses.

Grade 6

A Day In The Life Of A Teenager In Medieval Baghdad

The article follows the journey of siblings Hisham and Asma as they prepare for the hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca, in 791 CE. Despite a last-minute mishap with a sick camel, they are able to find a solution and make their final preparations for the journey, which holds personal hopes for both of them.


The Hawaiian Story Of The Wind Keepers

The article tells the story of La’amaomao, the Hawaiian wind goddess, and her grandson Paka’a. Paka’a, who possessed the sacred gourd that housed the winds, was betrayed by two jealous navigators and stripped of his privileges. With the help of his son Kuapaka’a, Paka’a eventually avenged himself and regained his rightful place beside the king.

Grade 4

Why Do We Eat Popcorn At The Movies

The article explains the origin and science behind popcorn making. It discusses how popcorn kernels pop due to the moisture and starch sealed within the kernel, and how popcorn cultivation and popularity grew over time. The article also highlights the significant role of popcorn in the movie industry and its continued popularity today.

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