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Can You Solve The Alien Pyramid Riddle

A year ago, scientists discovered an underground city on Mars, providing evidence of intelligent alien life. However, they lost contact with Earth and are now facing a water shortage. They have uncovered clues in the city’s pyramids about how the ancient civilization survived, including a lever that could bring water back to the surface, but the location of the lever remains a mystery. The scientists now face the decision of whether or not to pull the lever and potentially save their lives.

Critical Thinking

Can You Steal The Most Powerful Wand In The Wizarding World

The article discusses the Mirzakhani wand, a powerful magical item that the evil wizard Moldevort plans to use to conquer the world. The wand is hidden within a cave, protected by a system of 100 magical stones and platforms. The protagonist, along with Drumbledrore, must correctly place the keystone on the correct platform to reveal the wand, but there is a 50/50 chance of causing the cave to collapse. However, Drumbledrore reveals a secret weapon, a potion that grants extraordinary luck, increasing the protagonist’s chances of success.


How Do Airplanes Actually Fly

The article discusses Albert Einstein’s flawed airplane wing design and the misconceptions surrounding the explanation of lift. It explains that lift is generated by the wings of an airplane through the movement of air around it, and debunking the false explanation of the “Longer Path” theory. The article also highlights the role of wing curvature and other complex factors that influence lift, and emphasizes the use of mathematical equations to model air flow and generate lift.


This One Weird Trick Will Get You Infinite Gold

The article tells a story about a person who made a deal with a magical man to triple the gold coins in the king’s treasury in exchange for their first-born child. When the time comes to fulfill the deal, the magical man presents a new challenge involving a bag that increases the number of coins placed inside it. Through logical deduction, the person is able to determine the number of coins in the magical man’s hand and successfully solves the challenge.

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Can You Outsmart Fate And Break Her Ancient Curse

The article discusses a legend about a family who stole a magical tarot deck from Fate, resulting in a curse. Every 23 years, a family member must face Fate in a duel, with the outcome always being the loss of their soul. The protagonist discovers a hidden camera that reveals the rules of the game, and they must strategize to defeat Fate and potentially break the curse.


Can You Solve The Time Traveling Car Riddle

The article discusses a time-traveling dilemma where the protagonist and the professor accidentally create a situation where their older versions appear in the same timeline, risking the collapse of the universe. To merge the time streams and save the universe, they need to place two time gates in specific locations by driving a mile south, a mile east, and a mile north. The solution involves using the spherical nature of the Earth and finding circles of specific circumferences near the North and South Poles.


Can You Solve The Cursed Dice Riddle?

The article discusses a mathematical problem involving the creation of dice that produce the same frequency of sums as standard 6-sided dice. The problem is solved by crafting a new set of dice, known as Sicherman dice, which were discovered in 1978 by George Sicherman. These dice allow the goddess Demeter to restore balance to her land and avoid disaster.

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