Dinosaur Songs by StoryBots

Get ready to bust some truly old school raps with the StoryBots as they explore the ancient world of dinosaurs!


Tyrannosaurus Rex Song 1

Who’s that going STOMP STOMP STOMP
in search of tasty things to chomp?
Hear his ROAR!
The fiercest, boldest dinosaur!
So BIG you can’t believe your eyes…
That dino-dude is GIANT SIZE!
He’s heavy too. He weighs EIGHT TONS!
So everyone who sees him RUNS!
‘Cause meat is what he loves to MUNCH.
And if you’re slow, you’ll be his LUNCH!
It’s true, his arms don’t reach too far.
Just look how short they are!
But if you think he’s weak, YOU’RE WRONG!
He’s not just big…
His legs are stout.
His tail is thick.
So what if he’s not super QUICK?
His BIG, SHARP teeth are such a sight!
The smaller creatures QUAKE WITH FRIGHT!
They call him REX,
and that means KING,
’cause he’s the BOSS
of everything!
Lookin’ good, T-REX!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Song 2

The time machine has taken us back
65.5 billion years to the time of dinosaurs!

This is really old school.

That’s the chorus!

That’s the chorus!

That’s the chorus!

What’s the chorus?

Hey, I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
I’m so big you gotta give me respect.

I’m as tall as a house!
You can’t push me around!
‘Cause I’m heavy — 16 thousand pounds!

I got strong legs and a tail for support.
My tail is LONG but my arms are SHORT!

See, my arms can’t touch, and what’s even more,
I’m not even sure what to use them for!

But my mouth is BIG and my teeth are SCARY!
Over 50 teeth, how sharp are they? (Very!)

Big long teeth make it easy to eat,
and I’m a carnivore, which means I eat MEAT!

I got a good sense of smell, hearing, and sight,
so I can go hunting at both the day and the night.

Yeah, I’m not very fast, but that don’t mean a thing…
I’m the king of the dinos — it’s good to be king!

That’s the chorus!

That’s the chorus!

That is the chorus!

What’s the chorus?

Wow! His teeth are really big!

I’m just glad he eats meat,
and not StoryBots.

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