Intermediate Conversations: Advanced Reading and Comprehension Strategies


Reading and comprehension strategies are essential in improving your language skills. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate learner, advanced reading and comprehension strategies will help you understand texts better and communicate more effectively.

What are advanced reading and comprehension strategies? These are techniques that enable you to read, understand, and analyze texts at a deeper level. Some of these strategies include previewing, skimming, scanning, identifying the main idea, making inferences, identifying textual features, and critically evaluating texts. By mastering these techniques, you can become a more efficient reader and develop a better understanding of the language.

To teach you these advanced reading and comprehension strategies, we will start by working on your reading speed and comprehension skills. We will use various texts from different genres, such as news articles, academic papers, and fictional stories. The texts will allow us to practice different strategies that we can use to better comprehend them.

We will begin by previewing the text. This means looking at its title, subheadings, and any graphics or images that can help you anticipate the content. Next, we will skim and scan the text to identify its main idea, key points, and any supporting details. We will also work on making inferences and identifying textual features to help you understand the author’s tone, perspective, and purpose.

Finally, we will focus on critically evaluating the text by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and evaluating its arguments and evidence. This will help you develop a more critical approach to reading and writing, which will be useful in your language-learning journey.

In conclusion, mastering advanced reading and comprehension strategies is a crucial step in improving your language skills. By working with me, we can analyze and evaluate various texts and develop your reading and comprehension skills to the next level. These skills will be useful for any reading or writing task you encounter. So, let’s work together and improve your English language skills!

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