Intermediate Conversations: Future Predictions and Speculation

Predicting the future is an intriguing topic that people love to discuss, especially when it comes to technology, politics, and climate change. As your conversation English tutor, I will help you develop your ability to express your thoughts and ideas about what you think might happen in the future using a range of tenses and modal verbs. Our lessons will cover both formal and informal language, and we will explore different verb forms like future simple, future continuous, and future perfect. We will also focus on using modal verbs like may, might, will, and would when making predictions and speculations about the future.

To start our lessons, we will have a conversation about some common future predictions and speculate about what could happen in the coming years. This will help us establish a foundation to build upon as we explore more formal structures, such as discussing future trends and making predictions based on data and statistics. Throughout our discussions, we will focus on key vocabulary and phrases, including expressions used to express uncertainty, such as “it’s possible that” or “there’s a chance that”. We will also talk about different ways to talk about the future, such as making predictions, expressing certainty or doubt, and discussing hypothetical scenarios.

I will tailor our lessons to your specific needs and learning style to ensure that you gain a strong understanding of how to talk about future predictions and speculation in English. Whether you are interested in technology, politics, or climate change, we will discuss the topics that interest you the most. By the end of our lessons, you will be able to express your thoughts and ideas about the future with confidence and accuracy, using a variety of tenses and modal verbs.

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