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Why Do You Want To Squeeze Cute Things

The phenomenon of “cute aggression,” where people feel conflicting urges to cuddle and squeeze cute animals, is surprisingly common and affects about half of all adults. Cuteness is associated with features such as plump cheeks, large eyes, and short limbs, which stimulate brain regions associated with emotion and reward. It is hypothesized that cuteness triggers nurturing instincts and that cute aggression may be a result of emotional overload rather than an actual intention to harm.


Can Other Animals Understand Death

The article explores the question of whether non-human animals grieve. It provides examples of animals displaying behaviors that suggest grief, such as an orca carrying her dead offspring for 17 days and elephants mourning the death of a member of their herd. The article emphasizes the need for more research to better understand the emotional experiences of animals and the implications this has for how we treat them.


What Happens When You Fall Into Piranha-Infested Waters

The article provides information about piranhas, including their species, behavior, and communication. It explains that piranhas are not as aggressive towards humans as commonly believed and are more likely to attack when they feel threatened or in certain specific situations. Falling into piranha-infested waters is unlikely to result in a fatal feeding frenzy, as piranhas usually have better food sources and are not attracted to splashing.

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