Tag: sociology

Grade 11

Should You Care What Your Parents Think

The article discusses the psychology behind forbidden desires, focusing on reactance theory and the social network effect. Reactance theory explains our urge to do the exact thing we’ve been warned against when our freedom is threatened, while the social network effect suggests that the long-term success of romantic relationships is influenced by the approval or disapproval of friends and family. The article concludes by highlighting the importance of understanding the balance between the need for independence and the need for social approval in human behavior.

Grade 10

What If You Experienced Every Human Life In History

The article explores the concept of reincarnation and the impact of multiple lifetimes on an individual. It highlights the significance of ordinary lives and everyday tasks, as well as major historical events. It also discusses the acceleration of existence and the power and danger of technology. The article concludes by posing questions about the future and the potential for creating a better future for all.

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