How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need

The ideal amount of sleep for humans is seven to eight hours per night, according to most studies, with less than seven hours leading to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes, and more than eight hours increasing the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and an increased risk of mortality. Genetics play a big role in how much sleep an individual needs, with some people unaffected by only six hours of sleep, however, sleep debt after long-term deprivation can cause a slower recovery of cognitive function.

An image of a sprawling fantasy land, complete with towering castles, mythical creatures, and diverse landscapes. The land should be filled with enchanted forests, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged mountains. In the center of the image, there should be a grand castle that looks like it was pulled straight from a modern fantasy role-playing game. The castle should be perched atop a hill and surrounded by lush gardens and a moat filled with shimmering water. In the distance, there should be towering mountains with snow-capped peaks and deep valleys. The sky should be filled with colorful clouds and a warm sun shining down on the land. The creatures should include dragons, unicorns, and other mythical beasts. Overall, the image should look like a scene out of a magical, modern-day fantasy role-playing game.
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AI Role-Play Game: Fantasy Quest

Fantasy Quest is a game in which players embark on a classic fantasy adventure, complete with dragons, wizards, and epic battles. The player’s choices determine the outcome of the story.

Read Alouds

My Big Shouting Day

The story follows Bella, who has a bad day and shouts a lot, but apologizes in the end when she realizes how much she has been shouting. Her mom still loves her and the story ends with Bella having a much better day.


Can You Solve the Giant Spider Riddle?

This lesson is about a competition wherein the world’s greatest spiders compete to be the next arachno monarch. The protagonist, an itsy-bitsy spider, must face off against the reigning champion, Queen Shelob, in the Whirled Wide Web.

Bryan Adams - I Do it For You
Music Videos

Bryan Adams – I Do it For You

The lyrics of the song “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams depicts a deep and passionate love for another person. The singer encourages the other person to look into their heart and soul to find that there is nothing left to hide and that they should accept the singer for who they are.


3 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

The lesson discusses how confidence is a combination of self-esteem, optimism, and courage, and is shaped by genetics, how we are treated, and the choices we make. It provides 3 tips to cultivate one’s own confidence: a quick fix, believing in one’s ability to improve, and practicing failure.

Music Videos

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This song is about a person who is about to end a relationship, but even though they are leaving, they want to assure their partner that they will always love them.


You Can Only Save One – Who do You Choose?

This lesson discusses utilitarianism and how it can be used to decide between saving two groups of passengers in an interstellar disaster, considering their age and the amount of life they have lived. It also touches on the idea that those who are worse off should be given priority, and the suggestion to flip a coin in order to give each individual an equal chance of being saved.

Irene Cara - What a Feeling
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Irene Cara – What a Feeling

The lyrics of the song “Flashdance… What a Feeling” by Irene Cara expresses the joy and empowerment that comes from following one’s passions and dreams.