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Sing and dance along with your favorite StoryBots characters as they learn about body parts. Get a human anatomy lesson with “The Body” episode of “StoryBots Super Songs” and learn all about the heart, lungs, bones, and digestive system. Real kids join Team 341-B as they explore complex lessons through this catchy and clever music video.



Can you guess what we are going to learn about today? Drag the puzzle pieces into place to complete the puzzle and find out.

StoryBots Body Parts Video

Body Parts Interactive Video

Now watch the StoryBots video about body parts again and sing along. Also, everywhere there is a white circle on the timeline, you’ll need to answer some questions. Pay close attention and if you finish the questions with an average of 70 percent, you will earn the StoryBots Body Parts Sticker.

Body Parts Songs Lyrics

StoryBots – Heart Lyrics

Your Heart has a beat that makes
you tap your feet like a drum
It beats, it beats night and day!
You can jump, skip, and hop your heartbeat will not stop your whole life
Boom Beat Boom Beat Boom Thud Thud!
It sits in your chest and it won’t ever rest pumping blood
Through your body every day!
Circulating all the things that you needs, Oxygen & Nutrition
It beats, it beats: Boom Thud Thud!

It all starts at your heart where your blood does flow
Through your arteries to your body parts it goes
Then back through your veins, from your hands to your toes
From your feet and your ears, from your eyes to your nose
from your liver, kidney, lungs
It’s never really done
Flowing like a river to the beat of a drum

Your Heart’s a big part of your Circulatory System
It beats, it beats night and day!

StoryBots – Bones Lyrics

What keeps your body from going “squish”
Lying on the ground like a jellyfish?
It’s the bones in your body
That help you dance at the party

Your hip bone attaches to your thigh bone and shin bone
Your ribcage sprouts from your spine
When your vertebrae wiggles around & around
Well, your skull bone will have a good time

How many bones are shown in the X-ray pics?
Kids have 300, adults 206
Lots of bones in your body
Big and small in your body

And as you groove they move and bend at the joints
Where your ligaments flex like a spring
Some joints twirl like a merry-go-round
Others go back and forth like a swing (Wee!)
When you put all your bones together as one
It’s what we call your skeleton
All the bones in your body, and the joints in your body
Help you dance at the party
Raise your bones up in the air!

StoryBots – Lungs Lyrics

When you breathe in
You take oxygen
From the air, and into your lungs
And then they spread it to
All the rest of you
From your toes to your thumbs, the Respiratory System

Air goes in a flood
From your lungs to your blood
Through the bronchiole
That branch out like little trees
What your body needs is for your lungs to breathe
Every second of the day
Doo doo doo doo doo dooooo

The two lungs in your chest
Allow you to express
To whistle, to speak and to sing
Like two balloons they fill
Up until
The air goes out
Then you can jump and shout

When you breathe in
You get oxygen
And when you exhale
You lose all the air that’s stale
What your body needs
Is for your lungs to breathe
Every second of the day
Every second of the day!

StoryBots – Brain Lyrics

Your brain is a magnificent miraculous machine
The most super-charged computer that you have ever seen
Protected by your Cranium it hides between your ears
The Stem the Cerebellum and Cerebral hemispheres

Your Brain, Brain, Brain, is sending and receiving
Your Brain, Brain, Brain, information that you’re needing
Your Brain, Brain, Brain, it has a lot to do
It’s a crazy multi-tasker that works overtime for you

Part of the Nervous System, it makes your body move.
Contains all of your memories, it helps you think things through.
Controls all of your senses, but it’s still a mystery
‘Cause scientists keep finding out new discoveries, about your…

Brain, Brain, Brain, It only weighs 3 pounds
Your Brain, Brain, Brain, the smartest thing around
Your Brain Brain Brain, a miraculous machine
The most super-charged computer the world has ever seen.

StoryBots – Stomach Lyrics

Good fresh food is what you need
To be strong and healthy as you’re growing
And your tummy is like a gas tank that you fill up when you want to get going

Then you can play, you can run, you can have lots of fun
Dance all around ’til the day is done
Your stomach is like a factory turning food into energy

What you eat is yummy from your mouth to your tummy
As it travels down your esophagus
Where it hangs out in your stomach, mixing up, so it can digest

Then your food passes through your small intestine
Where your body gets everything it needs
To build your muscles, make you grow, give you lots of energy

Then what’s not used just passes through
Some people call it #2
Your digestive system is the factory
Turning food into energy

My Body Parts

Do you know all your body parts? Drag and drop the names of the body parts onto the picture.

Human Organs Drag and Drop

Do you know the human organs? Let’s see how many you can get right. Drag and drop the names of the organs next to the pictures of the organs.

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