Sing and dance along with your favorite StoryBots characters as they learn about emotions. Help your child understand their emotions with songs about feeling happy, sad, silly and more! Real kids join Team 341-B as they explore complex lessons through this catchy and clever music video.



Can you guess what we are going to learn about today? Drag the puzzle pieces into place to complete the puzzle and find out.

StoryBots Emotions Video

Emotions Interactive Video

Now watch the StoryBots video about emotions again and sing along. Also, everywhere there is a white circle on the timeline, you’ll need to answer some questions. Pay close attention and if you finish the questions with an average of 70 percent, you will earn the StoryBots Emotions Sticker.

StoryBots – Happy, Happy, Happy Lyrics

When you don’t need a light, because your smile’s so bright
You know you’re happy, happy, happy! Like a birdy in the tree.
When your laughter grows, you dance on twinkle toes
You know you’re happy, happy, happy!….. Singing merrily!

Maybe your best friends are here, with giddy good times, lots of cheer
Awesome things or groovy beats, making stuff or yummy treats can make you happy
And you may want to run around, giggle, play and be a clown when you are happy

When you feel good inside, all warm and satisfied
You know you’re happy, happy, happy! …Like a daisy in the sun.
You can spread around, all of the joy you’ve found
When you are happy, happy, happy! …having tons of fun.

Happiness can come in waves, made of all the smiles you gave
Things may not go your way, but everything is still OK when you are happy.
And you will want to jump for joy and even share your favorite toys when you are happy!

StoryBots – Feelin’ Sad and Blue Lyrics

When you’re lookin’ down and wearin’ a frown and shedding a tear or two
You know it’s official, when you start to sniffle, that you’re feeling sad and blue

When you can’t be glad ’cause something bad just up and happened to you
Don’t despair, find someone who cares, a cuddle with Teddy will do!

When you feel yucky inside and you want to hide from these feelings that stick to you
Tell someone why you have tears in your eyes and ask for a hug or two

It’s not so bad to feel a little sad, sometimes it’s what you gotta do
When you need to cry, let the tear drops fly
When you need to sneeze…go, achoo!

You can have a little pout, but let it on out, it’s always the best thing to do
Just have a good cry then say, “Goodbye!” to feeling sad and blue.
Just have a good cry then say, “Goodbye!” to feeling sad and blue.

StoryBots – Grumpy as a Grizzly Bear Lyrics

You might be a little hungry, you might be a little sad
Or you could just be frustrated ‘bout the day that you have had
Or maybe you’re just tired, have a cold or lost a sock
And you say, “Don’t cheer me up. I sure don’t wanna talk.”

‘Cause you are grumpy as a grizzly bear
that hasn’t eaten all winter long and has ladybugs in its hair
And when you’re growling at you know who
It surely makes me, want to climb a tree, ‘til your grumpiness is through

When you’re feelin’ like a grouchy, cranky crab that’s in a huff
You might want to pinch somebody, shout and act like real tough stuff
Maybe you feel left out, that you’d really like to play
Or something isn’t fair and you never get your way

When you get grumpy as a grizzly bear
That hasn’t eaten all winter long and has jelly beans in its hair
But the best thing that you can do
Is not to shout, but talk it out ‘til your grumpiness is through
(And a hug helps too)

StoryBots – Love’s Not Just a Word Lyrics

Just like the bees love flowers
And flowers love sun showers
Love’s the kind of thing that makes you feel all buzzy and warm inside
And it really is appealing
When you have this loving feeling
So let it out and spread it far and wide

Because love’s not just a word,
But a feeling, have you heard?
You can use it to show how much you care
Love it has no price, but it’s extra special and nice
It’s the best kind of gift that you can share

You love the stuff that brings you joy:
Your friends, your pets, your favorite toys
You love your family, and the thoughtful things they do for you
You love to learn, to play and sing You love the time to do your thing
And don’t forget to love the one called “you”!

Because love’s not just a word, but a feeling, have you heard?
You can use it to show how much you care
Love it has no price,
But it’s extra special and nice
It’s the best kind of gift… that gives you a special lift…
So love the one you love and spread it everywhere!

StoryBots – When I’m Silly Lyrics

When I’m silly you’ll see me
Acting silly ’cause I wanna be
Giggly wiggly fancy free
A bunch of monkeys are inside of me

I jump all around and make no sense
Have fun confusing my parents
I roll on the ground and laugh a whole lot
Stick out my tongue
Move like a robot

When I’m silly that’s just me
Being goofy ’cause I wanna be
Goony, zany, wacky, too…
Like purple ninja penguins at the zoo

I’ll spin all around in my rocket shoes
Play dress up and bust dance moves
Make spaceman faces in the telescope lens
Be really silly with all my silly friends

When I’m silly that’s just me
Being silly ’cause I wanna be…


Let’s learn the six basic emotions.

StoryBots Emotions - Anger
StoryBots Emotions - Disgust
StoryBots Emotions - Fear
StoryBots Emotions - Happiness
StoryBots Emotions - Sadness
StoryBots Emotions - Surprise

Emotions Memory Game

Match the emoticons with the girl’s emotions.

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