Sing and dance along with your favorite StoryBots characters as they learn about professions. What will you be when you grow up? Learn about some cool careers – like architect, firefighter, teacher, veterinarian and computer engineer – in this episode of “StoryBots Super Songs”. Real kids join Team 341-B as they explore complex lessons through this catchy and clever music video.



Can you guess what we are going to learn about today? Drag the puzzle pieces into place to complete the puzzle and find out.

StoryBots Professions Video

Professions Interactive Video

Now watch the StoryBots video about body parts again and sing along. Also, everywhere there is a white circle on the timeline, you’ll need to answer some questions. Pay close attention and if you finish the questions with an average of 70 percent, you will earn the StoryBots Professions Sticker.

Professions Song Lyrics

StoryBots – The Architect Lyrics

When there’s an office or a house to build,
An architect is highly skilled

At designing a building, whether curvy or square,
And drawing up a blueprint showing what goes where.

For any kind of building like a school or a mall,
Or something really fancy like a symphony hall,
Or a big apartment tower that’s a thousand feet tall,

The architect makes up the plans.
The architect makes up the plans!

Now buildings come in every kind,
And each one needs its own design.

So a supermarket’s boxy while a stadium’s round,
And they must be strong and sturdy so they won’t fall down.

A good imagination is an architect’s guide.
A building might have columns or a fountain inside!
And when it’s done, the architect is bursting with pride,

The architect makes up the plans.
The architect makes up the plans!

StoryBots – The Engineer Lyrics

Computers are amazing!
We use ’em every day.
They’re packed with apps like puzzles, maps,
And lots of awesome games to play!
A coder is the one who makes
The apps that we download,
And it’s done by typing lines and lines
Of sweet computer code!

The code’s a special language
With words and symbols too
For talking to computers
And telling them just what to do,
Like show a flying T-Rex
Or a singing purple toad.
That dancing bear is only there
‘Cause someone wrote the code!

Now some folks call a coder
A software engineer,
And a programmer is one more name
For someone in the same career.
A coder might make turtles race
Or asteroids explode.
It’s tons of fun when you’re the one
Who gets to write the code!
You get to write the code!

StoryBots – The Fire Fighter Lyrics

Goin’ on duty.
The engine is a beauty!
Gettin’ kinda sooty
Puttin’ out fires all day!

In the firefightin’ job there’s a ton to do.
Gotta test the siren, feed the fire dog too!
When the bell goes, “Brrring!” gotta drop down the pole,
Grab a hat and some boots, and be ready to roll!

Zippin’ through the city!
Rescuin’ a kitty!
Boppin’ to a ditty
‘Bout puttin’ out fires all day!

Gotta scurry up a ladder, Gotta spray with a hose,
Gotta handle an axe and wear fireproof clothes!
Gotta give first aid, and when the work’s all through,
Have a firehouse chili with the rest of the crew!

Savin’ lots of lives!
Husbands and their wives!
Givin’ high fives
After puttin’ out fires all day!
Puttin’ out fires all day!

StoryBots – The Veterinarian Lyrics

There’s a special kind of doctor
Who can treat a cat or dog,
A cockatoo that’s got the flu
Or a not-so-jumpy frog.
A well-trained veterinarian,
Most often called a vet,
Has just the skills to cure the ills
Of every kind of pet.

When a dog won’t bark and a cat won’t purr,
When a bird goes bald or a turtle grows fur,
When a rabbit’s got a limp and an earache too,
When a cow goes, “Cough” when she should go, “Moo,”
When a horse gets hiccups and they just won’t stop,
When a fish is all red from a belly flop,
When a gerbil has germs, you can bet that pet’s
Gonna get much better when it sees the vet!

Now animals get sick of course,
The same as you and me,
But the vet can make them well again
And frisky as can be.
So when a hard-luck duck has a broken beak,
When a parrot’s got a cold, and she just can’t speak!
When a mouse gets mumps, you can bet that pet’s
Gonna get much better when it sees the vet!
Yes, a pet’ll get better when it sees the vet!

StoryBots – The Teacher Lyrics

When children come to learn in school,
A teacher’s job is super cool.
Pencils, books and whiteboards rule
When the teacher’s teaching!

The kids review their ABC’s
And also learn their 1-2-3’s.
They study plants and bumblebees
When the teacher’s teaching!

The teacher helps with writing
And spelling “kitten” or “car,”
Makes colors and shapes exciting,
And shows where different countries are.

Counting apples, telling time,
Exchanging nickels for a dime,
Playing games with words that rhyme
When the teacher’s teaching!

The class may learn a brand-new song
Or foods that make a body strong
Or ways that kids can get along
When the teacher’s teaching!

The teacher answers questions
About the moon and the sun.
The craft and painting lessons
Are tons of fun for everyone!

Computers, papers, crayons, clay,
The teacher helps kids work and play.
They all learn something new each day
When the teacher’s teaching!
When the teacher’s teaching!

Identify the Professions

Choose the image that fits the description.

Profession 1

Profession 2

Profession 3

Profession 4

Profession 5

Professions Memory Game

Match the professions in the professions memory game.

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