Outer Space

Sing and dance along with your favorite StoryBots characters as they learn about outer space. Real kids join Team 341-B as they explore complex lessons through this catchy and clever music video.

StoryBots Outer Space Sticker


Can you guess what we are going to learn about today? Drag the puzzle pieces into place to complete the puzzle and find out.

StoryBots Outer Space Video

Outer Space Interactive Video

Now watch the StoryBots video about outer space again and sing along. Also, everywhere there is a white circle on the timeline, you’ll need to answer some questions. Pay close attention and if you finish the questions with an average of 70 percent, you will earn the StoryBots Outer Space Sticker.

Outer Space Songs Lyrics

StoryBots – I’m So Hot Lyrics

According to my calculations, we are now approaching the Sun.

It’s getting pretty hot in here.

I’m so hot, I’m so hot
Check me out, check me out, I’m hot

Yo, Everyone, I’m the Sun
I’m made of gas like Hydrogen and Helium
I keep the Earth warm and help to grow food
I shine down on the beach on guys who say “Dude”
I set into the West and on comes night
And then I rise from the East with that golden light
I’m so hot – so hot – so hot and bright
28 million degrees –


I make plants grow, like trees and flowers
so powerful, got that solar power
make the desert dry, make the oceans rise
Don’t stare right at me I can hurt your eyes!
I’m just about a million miles wide
I’m so big, you could fit a million Earths inside
I’m the center of the solar system, can’t ya see
Got so much gravity, planets orbit me!
I’m 4 and a half Billion Years Old
In Spanish, everybody calls me Sol
When I’m not around you’ll be feeling cold
Yeah, I shine so bright with my rays of gold

I’m so hot!

NEPTUNE: So hot!

I’m so hot!

SATURN: So hot!:

Ow! He’s right. He’s really hot!

Come on Storybots, show me what you got
How hot am I?

So hot!

The Sun is so hot I have to wear these.
(He puts on sunglasses)
Now I’m cool.

(Putting on sunglasses too)
So cool.

StoryBots – Time to Shine Lyrics

Preparing to land our spacecraft on the Moon.

Houston, we have a song.

It’s my time to shine
It’s my time to shine
The day’s over now
So it’s my time to shine

Good evening, it’s the Moon
Here to regale you with a tune
I’m so bright up in the sky at night
But the truth is I’m just reflecting light
See lemme help you break it down
The Earth and I are spinning around
And I orbit the Earth in a loop

EARTH: “You see, the moon is kinda like my hula hoop”

We both orbit the sun; he’s the big shot

THE SUN: “I’m the center of the solar system, I’m so hot”

The sun’s like a lightbulb and I’m like a mirror
Light bounces off me and then it appears
To the Earth below for a lovely view
For animals like wolves who go “Awhooooooo!”
Sometimes I’m full, sometimes half on
Sometimes I’m crescent, or it looks like I’m gone
But I’m here in the dark, just a lonely moon
Hoping that somebody will visit me soon
I’m covered in dust and I’m made of rock
So come see me soon and go on a moonwalk

MOON: It’s my time to shine
It’s my time to shine

Both at day

And at night

We can see the moon shine

MOON: It’s my time to shine
It’s my time to shine

I’m planting this flag on the mountain I climbed. One small step for a StoryBot

One giant leap for Storybotkind

StoryBots – We are the Planets Lyrics

We can see the whole Solar System from here.

I think we can hear it from here too.

We are the planets of the Solar System
Different sizes for every one
The music never ends
We are such good friends
And we all orbit the sun

Here comes the Sun rapping first on this track, from the beginning
I’m the center of the solar system, planets be spinning
Around me, so hot, I’m roasting, ya see?
Now I pass the mic to the planet closest to me

Mercury! The smallest planet, small as Earth’s moon (MOON: “Yo!”)
I get super hot and cold and I spin very slow

I’m Venus! I’ve got mountains and volcanoes that spray
I’m the same size as Earth but spin the opposite way

Yeah, I’m Earth, I’m the home to every boy and girl
(Sung by Stars) Such a beautiful, beautiful world

I’m Mars, the red planet, I’ve got deserts and ice
And I’ve got two moons – nice – that’s like one moon, twice!

I’m Jupiter! the biggest planet, I’m humungous, gargantuan
I spin the fastest, rap the fastest, plus I’m handsome, BAM SON!

Oh please, I’m Saturn, check out my beautiful rings
Made up of billions of rocks, dust, and other things

I’m Uranus, I say that with pride, okay, I lied
I’m embarrassed ’cause I’m the only planet lying on its side

(Uranus lies on its side and the mic flies to Neptune)

I’m Neptune, I’m cold, dark, windy and mysterious
I’m very stormy, so bring an umbrella – I’m serious

We’re the planets in the Solar System
Different sizes for every one
The music never ends
We are such good friends
And we all orbit the sun

Well, we are done exploring the Solar System.

I am thirsty. Let’s explore the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy.

StoryBots – A Beautiful, Beautiful World Lyrics

We are currently orbiting Planet Earth.

(Listening to headphones attached to controls)
I am picking up some noises… sounds like… cool music…

Such a beautiful… such a beautiful… such a beautiful…
Beautiful world.

I’m the Earth, and for what it’s worth
25 thousand miles is my girth
I’ve got more than 7 billion people living on me
All across my amazing geography
Check out my mountains, valleys, trees so tall
And I’ve got lakes, rivers and waterfalls
Volcanoes, craters, swamps with alligators
Tropical islands at my equator
The North and South poles have lots of ice
Only Polar Bears say, “This weather’s nice!”
I’ve got so much land, yeah, I’m so immense
I’ve got 7 – (STORYBOT 2: “Seven!”) – 7 different continents
North and South America, Europe, Asia
Africa, Antarctica, and Australia
But the biggest thing,
Everybody can see
Is that I gotta lotta water, all over me!
I have oceans with lobsters, whales, otters
Three quarters of me is covered in water
I orbit the sun – (THE SUN: “I’m so hot”) – that’s his line
And the moon orbits me – (THE MOON: “It’s my time to shine”)
I’m filled with life, both big and small
The most beautiful planet of all.

Such a beautiful… such a beautiful… such a beautiful…
beautiful world.

It is the home to every boy and girl

It’s a beautiful, beautiful world. I’m getting homesick.

Me too. Computer, take us home.

StoryBots – I’m a Star Lyrics

StoryBot: Do you see anything?
The stars are out tonight…
STAR 1: I’m a star
STAR 2: I’m a star
STAR 3: I’m a star
STAR 4: I’m a star
STAR 5: I’m a star
ALL STARS: I’m a big, big star!

STAR 1: I’m a star from afar
STAR 2: Yes you are
STAR 3: So am I
STAR 1: We are balls of hot gas that shine in the sky
STAR 2: There are trillions
ALL STARS: And trillions! of us
STAR 4: That’s a lot
STAR 1 Even the sun is a star (“I’m so hot”)
STAR 4: There are lots of other stars
STAR 3: Like him
STAR 1: And me
STAR 2: And me!
STAR 1: And a bunch of us together form a galaxy
STAR 2: There’s billions of galaxies
STAR 4: Lots of stars!
STAR 3: Understand?
STAR 1: There’s more stars in space than all of Earth’s grains of sand
STAR 2: And from land, with your eye to the night sky display
STAR 3: You can see the Earth’s galaxy
ALL STARS: The Milky Way
STAR 1: Stars are different sizes
STAR 3: And we can morph
STAR 1: There are super giants
STAR 2: Giants
STAR 3: Main sequence
DRAWF STAR: And dwarfs
GROUP OF STARS: And we form constellations
STAR 1: Which are patterns of stars
STAR 2: Before GPS, that’s how you’d know where you are
STARS A: We’re the Big Dipper
STARS B: We’re the Belt of Orion
STARS C: We’re the Gemini Twins
STARS D: We’re Leo the Lion (Rawwrr)
STAR 3: People think we twinkle
STAR 1: But that’s not true
STAR 2: The light’s just playing tricks when it shines on you
STAR 3: And shooting stars aren’t stars
STAR 1: No they’re not
STAR 1: They’re meteors burning up when they get too hot
STAR 2: Wish upon a star
STAR 3: It might come true
STAR 4: Well, I hope
STAR 1: Look up tonight in the sky or look through a telescope

STAR: I’m a star
STAR: I’m a star
STAR: I’m a star
STAR: I’m a star
STAR: I’m a star
GROUP OF STARS: I’m a big, big star!

There are lots and lots of stars.

That’s true, there really are.

I made a wish.

What was it?

I’m not telling.

Our Solar System Drag and Drop

Do you remember the order of the planets? Let’s see if you can do it. Drag and drop the planets and their labels into the correct positions.

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